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to spark community

Warming and transforming ourselves...

instead of only burning out or sending others down in flames?

ABOUT Camille

I am a Conflict and Organizational Change facilitator, somatic trauma therapist and Registered Clinical Counsellor with over 20 years experience facilitating change. 

I bring presence to challenging dynamics so you can lead from within, repair relationship, address polarized positions, and build cultures of accountable power.

Informed by depth psychology, social movement analysis, and embodied spirituality in the context of organizational development, I work with you/your team to build connected, truthful, alive spaces.


We shine a light on our everyday interactions to interrupt patterns of harm at all levels, while also drawing on the care and connection that already exists.


Together we will pay attention to choice, consent, responsive pacing, power dynamics, systems and the unfolding mystery behind all life.

My organizational development work is deeply kind, yet shakes things up where they are stuck.

Contact me to assess your situation.


Do you burn for something?

In the middle of the pandemic, this sentence came into my dreams: "Fire yourself to fire yourself". To underscore the point, I broke out in fiery hives for weeks!  As I've meditated on these experiences, I have realized that to become more passionately alive in my work I need to "fire" some old, capitalism-driven ways of working. So in 2023, I am taking fewer clients and focusing more on deepening relationships. I am grieving more and praising life more. Finally, I am taking more risks with clients who are passionately committed to building vital, courageous, and caring spaces in their communities.

Bringing Presence to challenging dynamics so Together we can...


Lead from Within

Politicized somatic coaching to embody your values & transform from inside out


Repair Relationship

Conflict transformation including restorative processes and mediation.

Address Polarized Positions

Dialogue and facilitation services to find creativity through tensions.


Build Cultures of Accountable Power

Training to interrupt patterns of harm, support care, repair and power-with relationships

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