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Addressing Polarized positions


Have you ever been in a group where it was hard to move forward together because of:

  • Us and them dynamics

  • Polarized views

  • Issues that cycle and never get resolved

  • Power plays to get the upper hand

  • Lack of clarity around what you collectively want, and what you collectively don't want

  • Anger, hostility and fear instead of creativity, curiosity and mutual inquiry?

Or perhaps your group seems a little too....similar in perspective, with not enough juice and difference to support a dynamic culture.

I draw on dialogue and facilitation methods that value disturbance, while also holding a clear container for relationship and accountability. Click on the links to the left to learn more about the methods I engage.

These methods tap psychological awareness of group dynamics, the importance of safety and consent within the context of systems and power relations, and the wisdom of voices at the margin of any given system. They include our minds, bodies, spirits and higher purpose.  I will work with you to design engagement processes that can spark transformative change. 

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