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Does this sound familiar?


Emotions are flaring, people aren't talking to each other, and work has slowed to a crawl.  Gossip is at an all-time high, and meetings are tense. The same issues keep cycling over and over.


You feel stuck and raw, unsure how to manage what's coming up in your own inner world, let alone on your team or in your communities. Maybe you keep your head down and numb out to get through the day, snap at others, dream about leaving, or over-perform.


You might be poised to make a formal complaint, fed up with patterns of indignity and inequity you are facing everyday. The costs are high. Open conflict, harassment, discrimination, burnout,  public callouts, not being able to fulfill your organization's mission. 


The most vulnerable people you serve are paying the price for the team's difficulties.

Up late into the night, you know change is needed, but can't imagine how to turn this situation around in a way that could lead to something just, something healing, something transformative.

We get it. We've been there. A lot.


And we know another path through conflict is possible.


Because we've been there too.


I collaborate with many skillful facilitators with a wide range of skillsets and life experiences.


We will walk with you to find the inner, interpersonal, and structural choices that support more trust, clarity, collaboration and alignment hidden in the fire of conflict.  

conflict Engagement

& Mediation

We Will

  • Support courageous spaces for learning and new patterns

  • Welcome the human factor: mind, body, feelings, spirit

  • Go as deep as is safe and consensual to reduce resurfacing of problematic patterns​

  • Hold a mirror to patterns that reflect supremacy, gender based violence, capitalism and all forms of oppression

  • Embody power-with, power-to and power-within relationships

  • Host restorative processes to repair relationships

  • Use internationally validated methods of conflict transformation 

  • Pay attention to your leadership journey

You Will

Be supported to


  • Increase belonging, dignity and safety of all people, including communities targeted on the basis of race, gender identity, ability, class, age, immigration status, language, size, religion, Indigeneity, or sexual orientation.

  • Build internal clarity toward a culture aligned with your justice vision

  • Address relationship ruptures and/or cultures of persistent harm

  • Grow more collectively resilient in the face of conflicts as they arise

  • Operationalize and embody insights 

  • Safeguard against retaliation, scapegoating, or punishment for speaking out 

We Don't

  • Focus just on training

  • Over-personalize conflict to a few people, neglecting the role of culture and organizational practices

  • Keep the conversation contained to comfort zones

  • Avoid exploring power dynamics

  • Simply replace power-over of one group with power-over of another group.

  • Neglect the hidden emotional issues blocking resolution 

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