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Leadership & Systems Change

Methodologically (the MSCL program) is a piece of art...The people participating in the program are extraordinary human beings, they have touched my soul. The retreat was an intensely healing experience of my migration trauma, I cried from my soul and felt accompanied and understood by all the people around me. I will never forget that experience, thank you so much for facilitating it.

Jorge F. Morales


Camille provided top notch coaching, support and mediation.  She shines a light on underlying issues that divide a community.  At the same time, she reveals that the divide is actually an illusion: both sides have more in common than we realize. I highly recommend her for community mediation. 

Dawn Boudreau, Grandview Cooperative

Conflict Engagement Training

The CoResolve Level 1 course with Aslam and Camille was deep and powerful, facilitated with deep care and authenticity. The tools and ideas are simple and their practice is infinitely complex, and the course held space for all of this. Unforgettable and unmissable. It had an immediate impact on me and on my practice.

Carolyn Cammam, Evaluator

Leadership Coaching

Camille, what a gift yesterday was for me. I've been feeling the softening throughout my whole being...and I had a solid night's sleep for the first time in about 5 days. I am grateful. Some work just changes your life, and there are no words. 

Saamer Aliya, Coach & Consultant


Organizational Change & Equity


I find it such a pleasure to work with people who have so much clarity in their focus who can bring it back to what really matters. I was really impressed with how you could hear all of our feedback about (our organization) and immediately synthesize it into an accurate snapshot. 

Equity Committee, Burnaby Public Library

Customized Training

"Wow. I can't believe how amazing these sessions were. We gained awareness of the dynamics going on around us. Your team is amazing at what you do and offers such an incredible service. Thank you for making me (and my emotions) always feel comfortable and valued." 

Sherry Pomerleau, Design Director

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